Who Can Apply
for Tenancy
Rental Subsidy
Applying for
MRP is a place for women.  These women may be employed or going to school but they must meet the following  criteria:

a)  Single woman with children (maximum 2 children per suite); or single woman without children;
b)  Refugee or immigrant; and
c)  Demonstrated need for affordable housing.

Two bedroom suites will be occupied by a minimum of two persons.  Applicants who do not come with a child (or  children) will share an apartment with another applicant in a two-bedroom suite.

Rental subsidies may be available by application based on the Rent Geared to Income program of Manitoba  Housing.  Marie Rose Place will assist in the application process.

1)  Fill out application form available at:
       MRP Office
       Website (Click
here to download application form)

2)  Submit application form via email or at the MRP Office (See Contact Us info).

3)  Complete interview to be conducted by MRP staff.

4)  Wait for decision and availability information from MRP staff.
Marie Rose Place 207 Edmonton Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1R4 (204) 504-9444 Email mrp.team@shaw.ca